I’m decidedly child free and my boyfriend is very aware of this. He has no issues with it and knows he will never be a dad as long as he is with me. He loves kids and babies and is great with them. We have some mutual friends/acquaintances who know that I’m child free and every once in a while someone makes a comment about how we’re great together but it’s a shame he’ll never get to be a dad because he’d be so good at it. He tells them that he doesn’t need to be a dad and he doesn’t need to have kids to be happy. Whenever someone asks what would happen if he decides he wants kids we’re honest and tell them we’d break up. Why can’t people see that just because they think someone would be a good parent that parenting might not be good for them? Our lifestyle wouldn’t work with kids. We love travelling at moments notice and we know it wouldn’t work with a kid. Why do people think that I’ll change my mind about having kids just because my boyfriend is good with them? I did great with penguins and falcons at an encounter at a zoo, does that mean I need them? Personally I’d rather have a falcon than a kid anyway.