I think this is the movie that is best at representing modern masculinity by far. That’s why its wonderful.

**What do you guys find interesting about it?**

What I do find interesting is that Tyler starts as an average office worker. Stripped out of goals, but buying the next useless shit to feel a bit better. Also the fact that the movie tells you that the reason Tyler had insomnia is just because he didn’t have any space to express his feelings, but noone cares about them until they think he is going to die. Thats the reason Tyler later became radicalized. He just needed to be heard, to be able to express his feelings, and a woman took that out from him .

Then he creates his alter ego, which is in fact all of those supressed feelings. Through his alter ego, he is able to express his feelings and his true vision about the world. Also he is able to create a space for all men to express themselves, and gives them a goal which men in the movie needed to the point that they dont care if they die for the cause.

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