About men keeping pads/tampons

Ok, first of all, english is not my first language and I am not american, so I apologize for any mistakes or misunderstandings. And I’m a lurker but I dicided to post this since I am curious.

I recently saw a post were a guy said to keep pads/tampons in ones car in case anyone would need. A lot of the comments were about it being creepy , white knighting, and baby sitting. And that we know how to take care of ourselves, we are prepared, we are not 12.

Now, I can see how it can be seen as white knighting and so on, but is it really a wrong thing to do?

Personally, I can be forgetful at times and I can’t always perfectly predict when my period will come so occasionally I have forgotten to bring a pad when I needed . Usually I ask my friends if they have any extra and things end up fine.

Now, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same with male friends? Because we can’t take care of ourselfs and need baby sitting? Where those female friends baby sitting me too?

Helping others is a basic thing ANY friend should do, it doesn’t mean we’re asking to be baby sit. Especially in a sudden emergency.

I’ve been telling my brother to keep some in his bath room in case his friends would need, because I think more men should do this and understand periods. And I want him to be a good friend who helps.

So I am a bit confused now. Am I in the wrong? Am I enableing men to be creeps and uncomfortable to other women if I tell them to keep tampons/pad for their friends in case of emergencies? Should I not accept a pad from a man, when I need, so I don’t seem like a 12 year old?

Also, I want to add, I don’t mean that we should be depending on men, or anyone else, to always give us everything we need. Of course not, we are our own people and we can take care of ourselves. What I mean is occasional times of emergencies.

About men keeping pads/tampons