Am I dating a man child?

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 4 months now. I know it’s stupid but we decided to move in together bc of distance and him not having a license or a car. I’m a nurse so I make good money but these gas prices are insane.

He moved into my hometown and since we have lived together now for about 2 weeks the topic of him getting a job is becoming stressful. We have been arguing about it daily bc I feel he is not really looking . For example I asked yesterday if he had called speedway to ask about his application. I had a gut feeling he was lying so when he said yes I asked to see it in his phone if he actually called. Which then he said no he actually did not call them.

This morning we got into an argument because I confronted him for lying to which he replied “I was just messing with you I didn’t lie” I obviously was frustrated bc this is a sensitive topic between us right now and he most definitely was lying.

On top of this I told him before he moved in that I will not be his mother. And since we have been living together he has asked me the most simple questions. The tip of the iceberg was also this morning when he asked me how to feed the cats their wet food. NGL I gave attitude when I answered bc it was so simple. It’s the fancy feast that snaps in half. And I have two bowls so obviously you put one in each bowl but he woke me up to ask me how to do it. I told him to be an adult it seriously is not that hard to figure these things out to which he replied by telling me to stop being a c*nt.

Another example would be him constantly leaving lights on when I’ve asked him multiple times not to because I pay the electric bill and with the AC it will already be expensive.

So moral of the story is that we are struggling so badly financially right now bc I am supporting a whole other adult on one income when I also pay 1,400 a month for my student loans. Am I being to hard on him? Do you think anything will change? And what can I do to make things better? Or should I just end the relationship? I feel that I’m starting to resent him.

Am I dating a man child?