Called my mom to thank her

Last year I had my tubes removed, a surgery known as a bilateral salpingectomy. I chose this over a tubal ligation because with a ligation you can still experience an ectopic pregnancy. So I just said take all my tubes away. I want them gone. No ectopics for me.

My mom was extremely supportive. We are Born Again so we personally can’t abort , which is how my mom ended up with me. She didn’t want me to go through what she went through.

I’m not sure I could have gone through with the surgery without her support. And now with all this Roe v Wade stuff happening I am so relieved I had it done.

Yes vasectomies are up something like 900%, but they’re not 100?fective. At least now I feel like my reproductive choices are in my hands and I’m not at the mercy of anyone else- not the state, not some guy who could “stealth” me, not some guy’s doctor who maybe did a shoddy job on his vasectomy, not the birth control pill which made me so physically ill I could barely function, not any of these other birth control options with higher failure rates.

I am just so relieved. Thanks, Mom!

Called my mom to thank her