Dermatologist won’t write letter for breast reduction

So I went to a plastic surgeon and he told me I’m a perfect candidate for a breast reduction and because of my symptoms I should have no problem getting it covered by insurance. However, without a note from my dermatologist I will have trouble getting approved for 100% coverage. I will also have to do 12 weeks of PT.

I never saw a dermatologist, before today, for my skin irritations and infections. My mom refused to take me as a teenager and made me use over the counter medications. I can’t stop taking the over the counter without getting an infection. So with the encouragement of the plastic surgeon I went to see a dermatologist to get better medications and a letter for surgery.

The dermatologist gave me a medication and advised if I want kids to not get a reduction and find ways to manage. I told her I don’t want kids and I’m a lesbian so there’s no way I’m getting pregnant. I told her I buy two new bras a month to manage my infections cause even with washing, wearing older bras makes my infection flair up. Even after lifting one to look at my infection and remarking they are quite heavy. She refused to write a letter because of breastfeeding, that won’t happen. But because I’m young I might change my mind.

When I further described my symptoms: back pain, neck pain, tingling in my breast, tingling in my neck, overdeveloped traps to counteract the weight of my breast and describing they gain about 3 pounds each when I’m on my period and PMSing . She then said after I use the medication for a month and still have symptoms she would write the letter.

It’s just irritating a woman is less understanding than a man is and that I have to push off being approved by my insurance for a month to start PT. Plus who are you to push off surgery because of your personal beliefs. If I wanted my tubes tied tomorrow I should be allowed to it’s my body.

Dermatologist won’t write letter for breast reduction