Disabled and abused. For club and for country.

25M autism spectrum disorder, dissociative identity disorder, trauma of all kinds through various stages of like has led me here. I’ve been trying to write some lyrics for pretty funky flowery beat so here goes gang hope I don’t sound stoopid xo :

I saw the pain in her eyes when bro saw the rain in my kite.

Im sick of feeling this way when everyday i dunno if im gay
Im keep thinking these hose are trying to lead me astray
But I keep linking back with my uncle do jazzy jay
To hit the switches and lure all the bitches back to our kitchen
Where we will be sat in situe
Ticking the clock down while our millions makes my ex frown
Sitting on my golden thrown but there’s nothing but air
From both my ex and stomach how’s this shit fair
I wish I could hate her thighs and her beautiful baby blue smile
but I can’t stop itching these piles I’ve accumulated
Each time I scratch it reminds me of my opioid abuse issues
My family never gave me tissues and I raised my self to handle these big shoes
I’m hurting, she’s flirting and we all deserve it. And that’s where the true dirt is
Boris kept me locked up while he was getting dirty knees up
And smashing any broad down for a threesome.
This might be treason to wish so much on your leader
But fuck him who needs him? He’s a tosser and he’s only making me McCrosser
I used to be a flosser but with all this vomit now I’m gromit
My innerds burn, when will it be mine turn? To have a little love and effection.
Please I beg you, I only wanted to spread food, love and happiness.
It’s embarrassing the way you handled this and now in the kitchen
Doing bottles flips, with my lil chick who’s rocks out harder than you ever did.
You’re a skid, to me now, a nothing but a Sid to me now.
I just wanted my main three, you me and that dumb g
To link arms and maybe palms and surf the psalms of our existence.
But instead you made yourself red and I’m not sure if you’re dead?
And the world is no longer a threat
You evil coward, no good bastard I fucking hate you,
Bu I love you and I’m really struggling
Keeping my emotions bottled. I’m a Sikh cunt without
Being able to make a runt and I’m falling over from ever front.

My life is mess with literally zero stress and I just get sit here
Smoke my fear and watch the clouds paint pretty pictures of you not being here.

You smell too, like all the time especially after you take a poo
Just like amber heard did to Johnny depp too you sick fool

Where’s my mates? If they are yours now that’s ok
I’ll just post in the basement, they will always save my nipple

Sucking day. Reeeee ennnnnnndddddddd….

Disabled and abused. For club and for country.