False accusations of misconduct at work

Hello all,

First time poster of Reddit I just had to vent this somewhere because I honestly feel sick to my stomach.

I work as a lifeguard in Canada at a local Rec center and went into work today for an HR meeting I thought would be about a fellow employee who threatened me the other day to find out it was about misconduct charges for my behavior at work.

I sat down with my manager another guy and the Human Resources lady who after a brief introduction and a reading out of some legal jargon read out a long list of accusations about me and my behavior towards fellow staff. Included in her accusations was: Me being flirty with female guards, making them uncomfortable by standing to close , lying about my age to underage guards , following them to do tasks, talking about my dating life, having people swap their shifts so they don’t have to work with me and so on.

After they read out the complaints I’m obviously horrified as I’m not a creep and don’t want to be associated with that at all. I explain I’m just a friendly and outgoing person so I usually just smile and chat about stuff. I said I joke about my age as exactly that a joke, and when it came to them saying I’m “too friendly” off deck I said that’s legit what you guys trained us to do off deck.

To elaborate as a lifeguard you go off deck and typically have tasks like cleaning and maintenance so lifeguards are encouraged to go with others to do the task and socialize and team build. If I didn’t know how to do something I would ask people . They also told us to socialize and team build so I do and it’s nicer to work and chat a bit as it makes the shift less boring. About 3 shifts in my managers said I had an anonymous complaint from a female coworker about being too friendly but wouldn’t tell me who so ever since then I avoid certain people and just don’t say much to them. It ended with them saying “you don’t know peoples personal history so just be careful and make sure to ask if you people need help with tasks” I thought it was one and done until the one guy told me about the meeting with HR today.

This has been so sick I don’t go to work to date and I just am a friendly chatty person but now supposedly several women have complained. A friend of mine told me of the gossip a couple weeks ago and said he heard some things about me and to be really careful as things go around here quick like a high school, and that he doesn’t see it but that it’s messed up and I have to be careful about what I say and to who.

I feel as if everything I’ve said or done has been twisted to be creepy or in inappropriate. I had a guest come up one day and give me her number which really through me off when I mentioned it to other guards it got turned into me being a womanizer or something. This is just so fked up and so wrong. I don’t know if I ask other ppl to come to my defense or what, but this has been a really messed up day.

False accusations of misconduct at work