Glad 19 year old me discovered the CF movement.

I remember watching an episode of This Morning that included two women who had chosen to not give birth as an objection to societal oppression and environmental awareness.
I was upset with them not wanting to have children and I didn’t really understand why I was upset.

It took me of couple of years after, when I actually started contemplating children to realise that I was upset because I felt like I had no other choice than to have children.
Especially coming from a family that believes in prophets that told me I would live long enough to see my grandchildren’s children .

It was in the same year that I decided to live my life without religion, it brought on so much freedom and allowed me to think for myself. Realising how much I didn’t want to live a life being told what I should do according to some old scriptures written by men. I was extremely brainwashed and lacked insight about the real life we’re living in and it took a long time to really start living my life my own way.

5 years later and I am so glad I saw that episode. It was eye-opening and saved me from accepting relationships based on marriage with the expectation of children, sentencing myself to a life that would’ve been miserable and empty.

That’s why I advocate for women speaking out about the choice of being CF, especially in third world countries where having children limits a lot of teens and women from low-income families. I wholeheartedly believe that economic progress is possible if women have an opportunity to enter the world of work and actively reduce poverty.

Glad 19 year old me discovered the CF movement.