Having the life I never had

So, you know how breeders say, “I want to give my kids the life I never had!” Be that financially, in terms of fun and enjoyment, or just plain familial love, parents want to give their kids the life they never had.

That’s also what I’m doing. I’m giving myself the life I never had.

My single mother used to tell me and my two sisters to close our eyes as a game when we went past an ice stand or a festival because she couldn’t afford it. She would scrounge for change in the car making it a game to see who found the most change if we accidentally saw the ice cream stand.

I remember all that and more. And now, I’m living the life I never got to have as a kid.

I had a big, beautiful wedding I always dreamed of when I was young. I can buy ice cream just because. I can get the clothes I want, the CDs, and I can go on trips. I’m going to honeymoon wherever I please, eat what I want, and do what I please when I’m there.

I couldn’t do any of that with a child hanging on me like a monkey. It’s days like that I’m glad I’m child free. Just having the ability to do for myself is amazing.

I’m giving myself the life I never had, and I’ll never look back. I hope all of you get to live like that, even just a little bit. Go buy that candy at the check out counter. You deserve it.

Having the life I never had