How many of you MRA – male or female- have been stalked by a woman?

I’ve been stalked by this one woman for…. no shit, 30 years. I can’t talk too much about details, because it makes me worry she’d find the post, but I used to date a relative of hers, it ended very badly and she’s been stalking my life and social media ever since. Not badly enough to call police or anything, she’s just…. there, pops up every few years. It’s really fucking creepy. And she is disturbed af.

I got stalked again by my ex husband’s crazy ass new wife, the lengths she went to were pretty astounding. I got a restraining order on her.

And now there’s a woman I houseshared with a few years ago, turned out to be an abusive nutter, and though I’ve not said one word to her for years she keeps messaging me. I never open them.

I have some kind of nutter magnet, makes me glad I’m not a guy.

I’ve known several men who were seriously stalked by women, a couple of which actually felt they might be in serious danger. None reported it that I know of, though they were pretty freaked out.

Why do you think that was? Embarrassment? Fear of not being taken seriously?

Just curious if any of you had similar experiences, and how it affected you, and what did you do about it?

How many of you MRA – male or female- have been stalked by a woman?