How to Stay Safe as Much as Possible When You Cannot Have IUD or Pill due to Health Issues

Dear US ladies,

let me start by saying how much I regret what SCOTUS did to you and hope that one day, rather sooner than later, you will send this ruling back into the medieval times where it belongs.

I am one of those individuals who regrettably couldn’t use any of the more effective contraception methods, but still wanted to fully enjoy sex life without risking unwanted pregnancy . Though my right to abortion was never taken from me where I live, I never needed it so far following these rules, which I now share with you in hopes it might be at least of a little help to those who do not want to go abstinence or non-coital sex only:

1, Guys who force you to have coitus with them without a mechanical protection are a hard pass. Either they get a vasectomy or they can screw themselves. The excuses about condoms taking the pleasure away etc are a load of BS, they can get extra durable thin ones and I do not know what else. They just didn’t bother looking.

2, Always use two methods of contraception at once. Have a spermicide always ready in case you suspect a mechanical contraception failure. Check its date of expiration and stock up on a new one when needed. Shoot it up there immediately you found out the mechanical one failed. This can save you from needing Plan B.

3, Sex under any form of substances beginning with alcohol is regrettably a no. You need to have your senses sharp to control if everything fits as it should. It might be less fun, but not as much as an unwanted pregnancy.

4, Don’t wait for your period to be late, stock up on dollar store tests and check yourself every week you are intimate with someone. If an accident happens, you catch it straight away, so you can sort it out without anyone suspecting a thing. You will have enough time to make a convenient excuse to go to another state, contact Planned Parenthood etc. Several weeks head-start might be crucial.

I did this to catch it soon enough for mini abortion and also because my natural period was irregular as hell, so it saved me some freak outs.

5, Be very careful of who you trust to get intimate with, do not ignore any red flags no matter how in love you are. Always think of yourself first.

6, As much as I hate that women in this day and age have to think like that, be extra careful during social events like parties and similar.

I am well aware this regrettably doesn’t do anything against rape, but I hope it is better than the sexual education in Bible belt.

Anyone feel free to share more/ correct me.

How to Stay Safe as Much as Possible When You Cannot Have IUD or Pill due to Health Issues