I apologize to the organization queens

I am old, old fashioned and a card carrying Old Fart ™️ who is very sorry.

In my day, when we hunted Stegosaurus for meat, you had bags for flour, sugar, etc. If you were fancy, you had a set of canisters with cute little script saying “coffee”, “tea”, “flour”, “sugar” and they matched. Some of them even had pretty pictures and designs to match like the recipe box or the plates. There were either 3 or 4 to a set and they never had anything else unless you painted it yourself or used a Dynamo label maker. Or remembered that the cornstarch was in the coffee container.

I needed some help organizing the kitchen and getting everything to fit. So I turned to Pinterest and the Internet. And there were all these women were lauding their kitchens with their cute cabinets with their endless little containers. I scoffed and laughed that who in the real world had time to do all that and to pay for the silly things and then make little labels. I even found the term “container porn” and laughed.

I apologize.

In a combination of events, my town sprayed for mosquitoes and a heavy rain and then two of us sprayed the yards for ticks and we ended up with a few bugs retreating to our house. And like bugs do, they moved into the kitchen. They got into the old bag of confectioner’s sugar and into the Old Bay Seasoning and then we saw them crawling around. And we have had a bad year for stink bugs.

We were lucky and it wasn’t too bad. We cleaned all of the cabinets, tossed a bunch of stuff that we needed too and anything that had any hint that there might be the possibility that might attract bugs. We wiped down all the cabinets and double checked every box and bag.

And we went out and got a whole host of containers.

And then a few online for special containers for things like spaghetti. And a bread box. And because I like to do calligraphy and nicely done labels and they are cheap.

I apologize to everyone that I laughed at.

It’s a surprisingly involved and difficult task to get it all sorted and together and labeled and neat. But they are now neatly in my cabinet and sealed up against bugs. Except for the fridge, which I will be cleaning out, things are scrubbed. We have also found some research that suggests that cloves and bay leaf and cinnamon help repel the most common pests so we have sachets in our cabinets to help—and they smell good so even if it doesn’t work the room smells amazing.

But yeah I have to apologize to all the people that I laughed at with their endless cabinets of neatly labeled containers. I never replied or commented or anything, so there isn’t a whole lot of egg publicly on my face but it’s still in my head that I was wrong about a whole bunch of people.

Then it hit me that I’ve been kinda laughing at a whole bunch of people. I’m sorry to the women who I scorned because they were doing all the fitness and beauty poss—because that stuff is hard and it’s a lot of work. I apologize to all the women who make cleaning videos on Tiktok and youtube because I thought it was silly to make a video of something as mundane as cleaning. I apologize to those who are trying to do a side hustle on videos on social media because until I tried to edit a video, I had no idea how hard it was and I thought it was a bunch of irresponsible teens trying to get out of a “real job” by living at their parents house and making videos of nothing and hopeless drivel. Like how my parents laughed at me when I wanted to. be a Disney artists because that wasn’t a real job to them.

I apologize to the organization queens