I finally have an appointment for implant consultation

I live in one of the stupid states where literal doctors are too chickenshit to insert any more IUD’s. I woke up this morning and placed my phone call to refill my birth control prescription and was told that I was lucky since they are suddenly running low.

Ohhhhh my. I had an inkling, a suspicion that this would happen. So now another thing to add on top of my anxiety and world of worries while unemployed is the risk of my damn pharmacy running out of my birth control pills.

I looked up the nearest Planned Parenthood to see if they do IUD insertions and it turns out that they do, but since they’re the only one for miles, they are booked all the way out to October, PLUS they want you to come in for a consultation first, then make ANOTHER appointment for even later for them to insert it.

My insurance/medicaid? Doesn’t cover any sort of IUD’s or arm implants. Of course. The kicker? The birth control pill I am on now that delays periods so you only get 4 a year is HELLA RESTRICTED. Everytime I’ve called to refill my prescription they’ve been having to bother and ring my doctor just for an ok. So I bit the bullet and just rang the actual hospital. They’re small, and sometimes have certain procedures they have to refer you out for in order to get done, but I figured I may as well ask.

After some hemming, hawing, several line transfers, and playing phone tag, I finally have an appointment in town for the consultation for Nexplanon in August. I got super lucky in that the lady I’m seeing for the consultation also does the insertions so there is a high chance I can get it all done in one day. I’m worried af about the inevitable hospital bill, but when I compared the prices of an IUD and the implant, PLUS the cost to have them put in, the implant was cheaper. I’m relieved to have the appointment but I’m mad that basic insurance can’t cover me, a needy and unemployed adult woman, from not wanting to bring even more miserable poverty stricken babies into this world to burden the system even more than it already is. First the formula shortage, now I see a birth control shortage starting and its freaking me tf out. They truly really just want us all to starve and die trying to work 3+ jobs just to eat.

My only concern now is my weight. I’m super short and currently at 225, and I don’t know if Nexplanon has a weight limit. I figure I have some time now to try real hard to whip myself into a decent under 200 weight before August. Does Nexplanon have weight limits? My only fear of the IUD is that it might shift or get smooshed around due to my weight and I’ve had some trauma down there before so I’m not looking forward to anything passing through my cervix that can cut me or make me bleed more than a period is all.

I finally have an appointment for implant consultation