Is anyone afraid they won’t be able to get sterilization surgery soon or no surgery at all?

I’m about to lose insurance so I feel like now may be the best time to try to get my tubes removed. I never tried to before because of all the stories I read about being denied. I don’t really have the time or money to hop around from doctor to doctor, but at this point I at least have to try. Also, when I talked to someone previously from my insurances customer service they said they didn’t cover that for someone under 30 with no kids which I have found from others on here that this was a lie. I’m going to use someone from our list so hopefully it turns out well. I’m hoping with Roe vs Wade being overturned that I will get some empathy, but I’m starting to doubt it.

With everything happening, I’m scared I won’t be able to get sterilization surgery because of places being booked or because of the usual sexism of course. I never thought it would actually get overturned, I thought women were protected, and now I’m scared we will lose more rights soon.

Edit: Also wanted to add that my parents are baby crazy and I believe my siblings would think this decision may not be thought out or worried with it being surgery. So I want to try to hide it, but that’s going to be tough too. It’s easier not to tell them, but it will be hard figuring out how to hide this as I can’t afford to live on my own right now.

Edit: I changed get my ovaries removed to get my tubes removed. I believe I’ve heard removing ovaries lowers your risk of cancer too.

I would love to get my tubes removed and then endometrial ablation too if I could. Anything that I say can “actually sterilize” me and if I could get something to stop the periods without BC that would be great too. Many women here mention getting tubes tide which I think is great but there is a small chance you can still get pregnant which isn’t sterilization to me and I don’t want to risk that. I don’t understand how a woman can get her boobs enhanced and nobody would bat an eye, but as soon as it involves sterilization suddenly people are upset. Further proof that it’s about men controlling our bodies and not us.

Is anyone afraid they won’t be able to get sterilization surgery soon or no surgery at all?