Is my (24F) boyfriend’s (26M) dishonesty about his female friends a concern or am I overthinking?

In the past, when my boyfriend and I were in the talking phase, he was invited by a female friend/classmate to play a video game one on one. We weren’t really exclusive back then but we were both interested in one another. he reached out to me asking if it was okay. I told him honestly that it does feel a bit iffy but overall I didn’t mind because I also play video games and I have nothing against having friends of the opposite gender. I then thanked him for the honesty and told him to have fun. I had no intention to limit who he made friends with, still don’t.

Since then, we got more serious as time passed, and I have realized that he refers to all of his female friends as “friend” but he didn’t know I knew that they are women and tried to play them off as men. It was rather easy when I put hints and texting styles together as it was frequent . I’ve talked to them before as we had similar interests, but it wasn’t frequent.

Fast forward to today, we had an argument and I confronted him about these girls and I could literally drop names. At first he kept on avoiding to confirm my suspicions but finally admitted it when I dropped names. He even admitted that a friend he claimed was a guy and “ditched” me to hang out with was a girl, who I also knew as we were all good acquaintances. I was really irritated because of his dishonesty, but his reason for not telling me was because he didn’t want me to get jealous, similar to when he was asked to play one on one with the girl. He said they’re all platonic but if they are and there’s nothing to hide, why hide it? He knows already I had trust issues from my hellish first relationship.

This really rubbed me the wrong way because this would mean for the rest of our lives, if I continue this relationship and NEVER confronted him about this, he will do his damn best to hide all of his female relationships just because I was a bit iffy & jealous in the beginning of our talking stage. In my opinion, everyone gets jealous, it’s moreso the extent the jealousy gets taken to and I usually feel fine if I am informed beforehand.

He’s apologized but this really makes me wonder if I should continue this relationship. He’s told small white lies before and I don’t know if I am just being stuck up.

Is my (24F) boyfriend’s (26M) dishonesty about his female friends a concern or am I overthinking?