Men in my contacts list: And then there were (almost) none

I sat down about a week ago and asked how do I give myself a mental reprieve from everything in the world. I can’t change the recent supreme court decision, but I can change my personal world. So, I started going through my contacts list. Inevitably, every person causing me stress was a man.

Below is a Iist of reasons I have blocked and deleted the numbers of men:

1. Texting me to ask for help on basic adulting activities. These are men who are always my age or older but are too infantile to figure things out.

2. Asking me if I am awake at ungodly hours. Likely because they are bored or want a booty call.

3. Not texting for days or even weeks and then wanting to pick up where we left off like somehow I didn’t notice they were too busy to chat before. Sex is always their main goal.

4. Complain about their spouse they were advised not to marry.

5. Flirt with women who aren’t their spouse…and probably sleep with the party they are flirting with.

So yeah, at this point outside of a good couple of gay guy friends, relatives, and some business contacts there are no men left in my contacts list. It feels wierd but also freeing.

Men in my contacts list: And then there were (almost) none