Miserable with vaginal discomfort..help please!

Hi, I am a 31F and my only significant past medical history is HSV1 genitally but I haven’t had an outbreak in over a decade.

I have been having penetrative sex with my new boyfriend. I noticed a month into us having sex I started having vaginal pain during/after sex, spotting right after sex, and some dull pelvic pain. No issues with abnormal discharge. I also noticed this started happening a week after I had mild covid, not sure if its somehow related?

I went to my gyn, she did a full panel of everything and I was positive for the bacteria Staph Aureus, but nothing else. I did a week of antibiotics and then took Diflucan because it felt like I had developed a yeast infection. I got an ultrasound for the pelvic pain and everything looked fine.

I felt like my symptoms were getting better, but I am starting to have vaginal discomfort again. I did use a vibrator on my clitoris recently and that’s when my symptoms started to flare up again. It almost feels like a yeast infection but I’m not sure. I took another Diflucan two days ago and it feels a bit better, but I’m still having vaginal discomfort. My vulva also looks a little swollen and red. I am very frustrated to be experiencing this and feel like I can’t get any answers. Has anyone has anything similar or have any advice? Thanks in advance!

**TLDR: Having sex with a new partner, positive for bacterial infection , completed 1 week Keflex, one Diflucan pill. Symptoms seemed to be getting better but have returned after using vibrator. I have not has sex in over two weeks. Having a lot of vaginal discomfort. Help!

Miserable with vaginal discomfort..help please!