New Men Positive Subreddit – Men Forge Empires


Thought I’d take a moment to swing on by and raise awareness to the subreddit I’ve created, having lurked MensRights for a while I know there are like minded individuals here. It differs from MensRights in it’s intended to be a place to feel good about masculinity, celebrate our manliness, build a brotherhood of sorts. The online man cave.

Subreddit Description:

We are brothers, bound by our balls, the courage in our hearts and the strength of our will. No matter nationality or creed, we are in this together.

This community is a home for traditional men to come and not be judged, throw some banter around, share and encourage. Not to mention celebrate the men who built the homes we live in, the streets we drive and the nations we are a part of.

Men Forge Empires is the online man cave.

Check it out if you are interested:

New Men Positive Subreddit – Men Forge Empires