Parental pressure and siblings

For the people who have one or more breeder siblings… Are your parents more accepting of your childfreedom, because your sibling are providing them with grandchildren? Or do they say things like ‘your sibling had a child, so now it’s your turn’?

For the people who don’t have siblings, or whose siblings are also childfree… Do your parents feel like you are their only hope to have grandchildren, causing them to pressure you even more?

My personal experience…

My sister is childfree as well. She is a lesbian and has never been in a relationship. My mother, who is obsessed with having grandchildren, accepts that my sister is not going to have children.

I am a heterosexual guy who lives together with his long term girlfriend. And so, all the pressure to give her grandbabies is on me. She never shuts up about it. She sees my girlfriend as an incubator and frequently says sexist things about how ‘all women want children’ and how ‘all women have a ticking biological clock’.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend is luckier. Her younger sister wants to breed in the future, so there is less pressure on my childfree angel.

Her mother admitted that she would have been devastated if both of her daughters would have been childfree. However, even then, she would never pressure my girlfriend into breeding. She would have been sad about the lack of grandchildren, but she never want my girlfriend to breed against her will.

What are your experiences when it comes to parents and breeding?

Parental pressure and siblings