Pregnancy shouldn’t be romanticized

Not everyone can get pregnant or can carry a pregnancy and not all pregnancies are “happy and safe” everyone’s bodies are different.

It comes with physical risks and medical conditions that develop in pregnancy and post partum:

1. Low progesterone and internal bleeding

2. Degenerative disc disease or early osteoarthritis with recurring back pain

3. Vaginal and anal tearing after child birth

4. Problems urinating/kidney infections post partum

5. Gestational diabetes

6. Hyperemesis gravidum

7. C-section hemorrhaging

8. Perinatal depression

*Before anyone says I’m trying to scare women into not having kids that’s not true, this is only information and combatting the romanticizing of pregnancy; I myself am a woman who wants to be child free and wants everyone to make their own choices. If you yourself want to start a family that’s fine. It’s not for everyone and that’s what needs to be said.*

Pregnancy shouldn’t be romanticized