Question about financial moves to make/avoid before divorce

My STBXW and I are separated for about 6 months now, but our state law requires a full year of separation before filing for divorce.

We have two minor kids, who are living with her. The children receive monthly payments from Social Security based on my earnings , which is deposited monthly to accounts in their names, with me as the custodian.

I’ve been transferring the full amount of both kids’ payments to her every single month without fail, since it’s for the benefit of the kids.

She is pressuring me to have her named as Social Security representative payee and to have the kids’ bank accounts changed to have her as the custodian instead of me. Because I currently live in another country, she says she’s worried that she’ll have problems if something were to happen to me….she wouldn’t be able to access the kids’ money, which she depends on.

I want to make the transition as easy as possible on them, for the benefit of my kids.

That being said, I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot either when it comes to child support.

From what I understand, the kids’ SSDI payments will count as support payments from me, when it comes to how much I have to pay monthly.

My question is: will putting her as representative payee with SSA and/or having the deposits go to an account where she is the sole custodian invalidate the payments being credited as child support from me?

TL;DR: my kids receive SSDI payments from my work history. I’m the representative payee and custodian on their bank accounts. If STBX takes over as representative payee and account custodian, will the SS payments still count when determining child support?


Question about financial moves to make/avoid before divorce