Questions about Insurance & Procedure

Hey everyone! I’m 24f and have been so very ready for basically forever to have a bisalp – about to breach the subject with my gyno in Sept. The reason I haven’t done so previously is due to a hyper religious upbringing etc.; basically, I was always nervous me seeking a perment birth control solution would somehow get back to my parents, whose insurance i am currently still on.

My questions are below:

1. Has anyone sought out this surgery while still on parents insurance and how might that show up on any reports? Did it increase your rates/change anything? I spoke to our insurance and they do cover preventative procedures and this surgery fits that bill, but I wouldn’t want to go impacting my parents rates because of my readiness to be sterile.

2. Although the procedure is covered, I am woefully unfamiliar with Healthcare in general. Is there any sneaky cost like anesthesia for the procedure that I should be prepared to look out for, or is that the responsibility of the hospital to tell me to clear with my insurance first? I haven’t spent any times in hospitals so if anyone has advice I’d be so grateful.

I’m very aware that this visit will almost definitely not result in approval for surgery – I want it in my chart/patient information that I am seeking permanent sterilization even if this is the first mention of it in my chart for years so I can back up my argument that I truly want this if they make me wait a few years. Its a win either way – if I get pointed in the right direction to have it sooner than me turning 26, ill be happy due to being approved to be sterilized; if im not approved before im 26, ill be on my own health insurance thereafter and won’t have to tiptoe. I’d be alright waiting, but obviously I really want this and never wish to be pregnant, ever. Any tips or info would be so appreciated! Thank you!

Questions about Insurance & Procedure