[TOMT] [BOOK] [2000s-2010s?] Book about a girl who shares a body with the furies, and punishes men.

I remember reading this book OBSESSIVELY as a kid, but I can’t recall the name of it in order to reorder and read it again. I bought it at a thrift store, and only remember a few things about the physical appearance. From what I recall, it was white, with red text on the spine, and nothing on the front.

I remember a lot of disjointed details from it, but not quite where they all fit together in the story.

– There was a man named Dr. Goodhart who killed the protagonist’s parents via cutting their brake line, they died in a car accident.

– There was a scene where the main character’s love interest was drinking root beer, and she thought he was drinking beer until she saw the bottle’s label.

– She shared a body with 3 women, who I believe were the furies, like from Greek myth. They shared her body with her, and took over in order to punish men who did bad things, like hurt or kill women. There were a few scenes where this happened, though it was never in *very* explicit detail, if I recall.

– She had a cat, who she cared about greatly.

– At one point, she woke up in a different town , after blacking out with the Furies in control for several days, and had to collect her bearings and return back to the town she had moved to.

– She moved a lot, and was pretending to be a new student at a high school during the setting of the book. I remember a few throwaway lines about her having a drawer full of fake IDs she had used in the past/would use in the future.

– At the end of the book, she moved to the beach, and one of the last parts of the book was her keeping in contact with her love interest, even though she had moved away from him.

I can’t remember more at the moment, but, I tried to describe everything I could.

[TOMT] [BOOK] [2000s-2010s?] Book about a girl who shares a body with the furies, and punishes men.