[TOMT] Mystery/horror(?)/supernatural webcomic from over a decade ago

Hello everyone, this has been bothering me for a long time so it was recommended to me that I should try this forum here!

Over ten years ago, I happened upon a strange webcomic that I no longer recall anything about besides a few details. I believe it was on smackjeeves or on a similar comic hosting sight. All I remember was it was a comic with a somewhat Scott Pilgrim-esque style, black & white, but not as cartoony, but had rather thick lines in the art. The story took place in a small town where a murder/body was discovered in an odd location, either a telephone pole or a tree.

I’m pretty sure the main character was a teenaged girl, and I distinctly remember a scene where she goes to a party that’s outdoors and confesses her feelings to a boy, only to have him reject her. Later she stumbles across the same boy making out with another boy. She watches them from the bushes and gets off to it, but it wasn’t explicit at all.

The comic’s vibe seemed very subdued, and when the body is discovered no one seems to have a reaction to it, like this is commonplace or it’s happened before.

That’s really all I can remember! I’m happy to clarify if needed, but I’m working off of only a few pieces of memories. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: I think this would have been in 2008 or 2009, if that helps anyone!

[TOMT] Mystery/horror(?)/supernatural webcomic from over a decade ago