[TOMT][book] help me find this apocalypse book from 2005 to 2015

I read this book between my middle school and high school years I remember it being new when I read it but it’s been so long and I forgotten the name.

Here are the points that have happened in the story

Teens when into a bunker that belong to an uncle of one of them

Two of the teens are siblings

They might have been drinking but idk

As the night progresses they ended up getting trapped and that’s when the problems start to happen. Because bombs were going off I remember a description of a mushroom cloud.

They started hearing bugs crawling around and they end up finding an opening but as soon as they do a bunch of rats try to attack them.

The rats turned out to be dead and are being puppeteer by bugs

They eventually escape and make it to a house that’s connected where they meet others.

These other people die I think and end up getting controlled by the bug.

By this point most of the original group is dwindling to just the main guy, his sister and maybe two others

By the time the book is ending it’s just the main guy and the sister left driving away in a car where he is starting to hear voices in head

And then he’s starting to realize that his sister who has been with him the whole time is a figment of his imagination and she died when he was young

He’s ends up driving for a while he doesn’t remember for how long but I know he’s heading towards Canada because he hears on the radio that there is a sanctuary for the survivors and he doesn’t know if he is hearing it in his head or it’s real.

But at the same time he doesn’t know if he will make it to then cause the buzzing noise is growing.

[TOMT][book] help me find this apocalypse book from 2005 to 2015