[TOMT][comic series(?)]

basically i can remember a youtuber who done art made a video about this series drawing a part from it? i remember it was something towne cause the e at the end of town. Anyway i can sort of remeber a few little bits of the series so here they are

1) The cat gets stuck under the house?

2) He can hear a camera click when hes in the middle of the woods

3) they find out later that someone has been taking photos of them.

4) Told from the perspective of a young boy

5) The video is atleast 3 or 4 years old

6) its like a 4-7 parter

7)Something about a house at a lake?? I dont know thinking more about this brought it up.

8) If im remebering properly theres something about a geography class? Its atleast mentioned that MC takes a geography class and theres probably a section about it considering i remember it.

Anyway if ive done something wrong or if you know what it is please tell me.

[TOMT][comic series(?)]