[TOMT][MOVIE/SHOW] Movie/show with a car crash and murder

I had to have watched this within the past five years. I’m pretty sure it can’t have come out earlier than the 2010’s.

I would describe it as a mystery/thriller/drama. It could be in English, Norwegian, Swedish, French or Finnish.

There is a man in it. I want to say he’s very successful. One facet of his life was getting involved with a woman. There’s some unraveling of events, like mysteries do.


At the end, it turns out the woman kidnaps and kills the guy. I think he asks her why she’s doing it and she explains.

This is the part that sticks out to me: it proceeds to show a flashback of what happened. There are two cars driving next to each other. There’s a boy in the backseat of one, and two girls in the backseat of the other. They wave and smile at each other. The boy accidentally does something to cause a wreck and while everyone in his car is fine, her whole family dies. So she stalked him into adulthood and murdered him.

[TOMT][MOVIE/SHOW] Movie/show with a car crash and murder