Want to get sterilized but afraid of surgery

Hey everyone, I’m trying to summon the courage to bring up sterilization at my next doctors appointment in a few weeks. I know that I never want children, and due to health issues I can’t take hormonal birth control or the copper IUD. Even if I could, who knows how long those will be legal in our current political apocalypse in the US.

So I want to get sterilized. I’m 24F and I have a few questions:

Which sterilization option is the safest, least invasive, most effective?

Any words of encouragement for someone who’s afraid of surgeries and medical procedures? I’ve never had a surgery, and the only time I’ve “gone under” was for a wisdom teeth removal, and that did not go very well. How long was your recovery time? How bad was the pain or side effects?

Thank you wonderful people!

Want to get sterilized but afraid of surgery