Weird Sterilization Question

I have considered sterilization for a long time. I knew as a teen that I did not want to have children given my chronic health problems I got from my mother as well as my plethora of mental health issues. I can’t justify any reason to bring a child into this world with the same risks, let alone everything going on. And with Roe being overturned and living in a red state, I’ve been pushed to really look at my options right now.

Im a lesbian, which is one level of protection since I’m in a cis relationship, and my uterus is also considered “hostile” due to shape and issues. but I just… need more.

I want to have my tubes removed, BUT I’m not sure what all I would honestly need. In 2019, I had my left ovary removed during an emergency surgery due to a cyst causing my already enlarged ovary to “wave like a flag in the wind” as my gyno described it. It apparently did enough damage to my pelvic/abdominal area to cause tearing in the fallopian tube, thus the surgery. Im not sure if they took the damaged part of the tube though but I know my surgery was listed as just ovary removal on my documents. I moved shortly after and still am in the search for a gyno that fits my needs as a patient.

In the off chance I can get surgery approval with insurance and a doctor, would it be plausible to only have the one tube removed thats apart of my remaining ovary side, or would the best chance be to have both removed? I can’t seem to find any information about my specific circumstances.

Thank you for reading this, and for any advice I receive

Weird Sterilization Question