What are some movies that send a negative message on men?

From the top of my head, i’d have to point out Crazy Stupid Love.


– Wife of many years, cheats cause bored and needs the tingles, husband tries to win her back???? Somehow ends up on the hookup life.

– Wife finds out, is disgusted

– **INSERT HOLYWOOD NARRATIVE – BACHELOR LIFE IS BAD**, Husband NEEDS his cheating ho of a wife and family, so back to the win a ho narrative.

– Husband gets mad at Ryan Goslings character for dating his daughter, even though he came to his aid when he was down at the dumps like many men after encountering betrayal, cause you know, **BACHELOR LIFE IS BAD.** Husband and Goslings character make up, both decide **BACHELOR LIFE IS BAD.** And movie ends with cheating ho wife forgiving her husband and the two get back together.

– Oh and apparently the movie had some young love narrative spinning in the background, where husband and wifes kid is contemplating the meaning of love and he finds out, thanks to his father, the meaning of love is accepting you’re at fault for your wife cheating and learning to become a better man for her. Fuck you very much Hollywood.

2nd place goes to Ghost of Girlfriends past.

It’s actually has some terrific performances by Matt Mconohough and especially Michael Douglas. But the premise is:

Two childhood friends, go to a dance, boy hesitates for a little bit to ask the girl to a dance, just as he was about to, girls friend tells her chad accross the room wants to bonk—dance with her, girl goes to chad. Boy leaves the dance, heartbroken but wants to *win her back*. Gets bitch slapped verbally by Micheal Douglas, gets taught the game and remembers hes rich, so stop acting like a bitch. Becomes alpha chad in the growing years, enjoying the bachelor life and meets the girl again down the line, games her and pumps and dumps her. Then the girl and the universe UNANIMOUSLY agrees **BACHELOR LIFE IS BAD.** Not once does anyone mention that girl dumped the boy at the dance to get pumped and dumped by chad, one passing mention of how the boy choked. Usual Hollywood garbage ensues, boy and girl ends up together with the boy finally admitting and telling everyone, **BACHELOR LIFE IS BAD.**

The End. Did i mention, **BACHELOR LIFE IS BAD?**

What are some movies that send a negative message on men?