What is this community’s viewpoint on bisexuality?

As a divorced bisexual man, if I fire up an app with same sex dating I get a ton of solicitations from bi guys who present as ‘straight’ to the world. That is consistent since online dating existed in my life Something Like 4 out of 5 guys DMing me are cheating ‘straight’ guys looking for a discrete hookup with a top that won’t blow their cover.

What you choose to do is up to you. You wanna cheat, cool, but I don’t assist. No foul, check with the next dude and good luck.

I just wondered about this. It never related to my age or any social trend that I could see. But there is always a group of ‘straight’ guys risking at minimum a gf, at max a wife and kids.

I remember how blown away I was when this first gelled in my head a couple of decades ago. The trend continues to this day. Any ideas? I just really wanted this subreddit to let me know what you think about the matter.

I just think that someone on a MGTOW path might think over the implications. If that many guys on the dl want to be flexible, wouldn’t it logically seem just a less complicated arrangement for some? Especially if their last relationship came with trauma inflicted from a female? Like when a bisexual girl ‘goes lesbian’ for a while after a heavy drama breakup with a guy?

Granted, there is no accounting for personal taste, and I hope no one thinks I am promoting the lifestyle. It’s just that in my experience there must be some guys in the MGTOW leaning crew who are as ‘flexible’ as all the ‘straight married’ guys who try to hook up with me.

What is this community’s viewpoint on bisexuality?