Who’s going to tell them?

Someone is going to have to explain to these pro-life people who went through round after round of IVF to get their precious MaKynleighann and Braidyn that their unused embryos were *gasp* ABORTED!

I’ll tell them. Might even call a few politicians to make sure that they get “disposal of unused embryos” added to the list of criminal offenses now they RvW is overturned.

Perhaps multiple rounds of IVF should be considered child endangerment, too. Your uterus wasn’t compatible with pregnancy the first try so now you are knowingly putting a fertilized egg into a situation that will likely kill it. Murder charges maybe?! *But I’m pro-life. Waaahhh*

I got curious about unused embryo disposal and went digging on the interwebz. The following is a list of some disposal methods I found in my search.
•Donate to another person trying to conceive
•Donate to research
•Frozen storage – up to 10+ years
•Thaw and bury/cremate
•Disposal by clinic – biohazard waste
•Take home for “self-created ritual or ceremony”
•Having the embryos transferred into your uterus “at a time in the menstrual cycle when pregnancy is impossible”

*The only moral abortion is my abortion.*


Who’s going to tell them?