Why aren’t there more women in the army?

Many have put good answer.

I would add another one.

Say, for who knows what, some society, decide to make more women in the army. Why? Who knows. They’re feminists? Who knows.

Those societies are gone by now. Fail to reproduce. Die. So very rarely any society is like that.

We have a society like that. Western civilization. Their women insist on having 50-50 representative in many time consuming jobs like programmers.

Their population is declining.

All the money in the world and all those will just go to some cavemen that do nothing. Why? They don’t have enough children to pass on their wealth and technology.

Not even the Romans are that stupid.

In fact, under free market, things can be tested. Just let every company choose which one they want to hire. Companies that hire women will make less profit. Perhaps in time of abundance this is not a matter of life and death. But given most business fail, it can be.

I am not going to argue whether women should work or not. Let the market decide. But some idiot think that government should interfere in the market, make it difficult for women to just pick some rich guys, and then encourage women to work.

Why aren’t there more women in the army?